A Letter to Montgomery County Democrats

Dear Democrats,

Voting in Montgomery County is in full swing, I have voted by mail, and voting will not be over until election day on November 8. Voting was very easy. I put my black mark beside the Democratic Party and then looked down ballot for qualified non-partisan candidates. There I found Linda Good for Lone Star College, District 7.
Linda Good has been on the Board of Trustees for six years and the Chair since December 2014. She has been an Attorney for 22 years advocating for children, domestic violence victims, family stabilization, and disaster relief. She is the only woman on the board and has supported privately funded Star Promise scholarships, hiring more full-time professors, and improved transparency. You can find a lot more about Mrs. Good at www.LindaSGood.org. I had to vote for her.

Another person I found noteworthy was Mr. Chris Haskett. Chris is running for Willis Independent School District Trustee, Position 6. Chris is a graduate of Willis High School and a student at Lone Star College. Chris will bring a youthful perspective to the board with new ideas and enthusiasm. I would have voted for Mr. Haskett if I lived in his district and were able to do so.

People with a Ballot By Mail are voting now. Others can start early voting October 24 for two weeks, and election day is November 8. Please vote early at any of the seven early voting locations.
You may have heard this before. The House has been gerrymandered to favor the Republicans. We don’t have a vote for Senator this year, so if the Senate stays Republican and Donald Trump is elected President and nominates a new Supreme Court Justice, Republicans will control all of our government. Just listen to what they say they will do. They will eliminate the Affordable Care Act, cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment assistance, and food assistance (entitlements). They will shut the door on immigrants, deport 11 million people, and build a big useless wall. They will lower taxes on the wealthy and raise taxes on everyone else. They deny global warming, and will cut regulations on clean air, water, and food.

And what scares me the most? How do you think Donald Trump would have handled the “Cuban Missile Crisis”? How will he handle future world crises?

I am with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. I am for fairness, equality, freedom, capitalism, reasonable regulations, the Constitution, and human rights for all. I also think everyone should vote their conscience for the common good. It isn’t right for the richest and most powerful country on earth to have hungry children and families living in poverty.

Please exercise your right and privilege to vote!

Bruce Barnes, Former County Chair
Precinct 75 Chair

Montgomery County Democratic Party

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