A Rigged Election

Over the last few years I have been fortunate to have been involved in every aspect of voting in Montgomery County from being a Volunteer Deputy Registrar, working on the Early Ballot Board, working at the Polls, and observing equipment tests and the Counting Station. I can tell you that voting equipment is tested for proper operation and then sealed and locked. None of the equipment is connected to the internet. Montgomery County elections are run by State law, fairly, and non-partisan.

To suggest that elections are rigged in Montgomery County demeans over a thousand public servants, Republicans and Democrats, who work to ensure all eligible voters can cast a secret ballot and that their vote will count. Congratulations to Suzie Harvey and her team at Election Central for a job well done.

Voter fraud by impersonation, which is targeted by the voter photo ID law, is not a problem in Texas. Only one case, which was a mistake out of more than 86 million votes cast during 8 years, was presented to the court from the Texas Attorney General’s office. Millions of dollars have been wasted on this voter photo ID law and millions of people have been inconvenienced by this law, including thousands who have been outright denied the opportunity to vote.

When the DOJ blocked the photo ID law in 2012, “the total number of registered voters [in Texas] who lack a driver’s license or personal identification card issued by DPS could range from 603,892 to 795,955.”

If the Texas voting system is rigged, it is voter suppression caused by the photo ID law that has rigged the system.

Bruce Barnes, Past County Chair, Precinct 75 Chair
Montgomery County Democratic Party

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  • Vince Salzano says:

    I have worked as a clerk at Precinct 77 for this years Primary and General Election. I have lived, and still do, at this same address since 1979.
    Yesterday I received a notice that the County Election Board has been informed that I have moved and if I do not certify that I still live here I will be removed from the election rolls.
    Has the Democratic Party heard from any other people that received this notice? It concerns me and quite frankly angers me.
    Thank you

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