Outreach Committee

Chair:  Ginger Blair

We have updated the structure and general functions of our Outreach Committee within the Democratic Party.  The Outreach Committee now consists of a number of different subcommittees, each headed up by a subcommittee chair. These subcommittee chairs are responsible for holding separate meetings to discuss and tackle the issues facing their specific subcommittee. Additionally, all subcommittees will work together with the party on large-scale outreach projects within the county.

If you are interested in serving on one of these subcommittees either as a chair or just as a member, please contact Ginger Blair at email.email@email.com. The Outreach Committee and all of its subcommittees are open to anyone who is interested and willing to serve.


Voter Registration Subcommittee
Chair:  Dotty Oelkers

This subcommittee oversees voter registration activities, which includes event planning and community outreach as it relates to reaching out to new prospective voters. The subcommittee chair is responsible for keeping an updated list of volunteer deputy registrars within the county and working with the local elections office to retrieve materials for voter registration drives. The subcommittee works with local businesses and schools to facilitate registration drives and maintains contact with deputized volunteers regarding registration events.

LGBTQ Outreach Subcommittee
Co-Chair:  Cathrine Henson
Co-Chair:  Nikki Thompson

This subcommittee strengthens relationships with members of the LGBTQ community by fostering trust and support. The subcommittee chair is responsible for establishing committee meetings and working closely with the LGBTQ Senior Advisory Council Representative. The subcommittee assists in formulating events, mobilizing volunteers, and tracking participation efforts related to issues facing the LGBTQ community.

Hispanic Outreach Subcommittee
Chair:  Gordon Lopez

This subcommittee facilitates the interactions in the Hispanic community by building trustworthy relationships. The subcommittee chair is responsible for committee meetings, establishing contacts in the Hispanic community, and working with the Senior Advisory Council Representative. The subcommittee actively works within the Hispanic community by planning events and recruiting volunteers to work on various projects and issues relevant to the community.

Democratic Women’s Outreach Subcommittee
Chair:  Susan Hillebrandt

This subcommittee serves to encourage women involvement and active participation in local, state, and federal politics. The subcommittee chair oversees committee meetings, and maintains contact with other organizations that support women’s issues. The subcommittee is responsible for creating events regarding important issues for women within the county, attending events outside the county when possible to build a more formative base of knowledge, and actively recruiting women to participate.

African American Outreach Subcommittee
Chair:  Open

This subcommittee serves to strengthen relationships in the African American community and bring more people into the political process. The subcommittee chair is responsible for committee meetings, increasing points of contact in the African American community, and working with the Senior Advisory Council Representative. The subcommittee assists in creating and implementing community-engaging events and actively recruits volunteers to participate in party affiliated events.

Veteran Affairs Subcommittee
Chair:  Open

This subcommittee builds a foundation of encouragement and support within our community of Veterans. The subcommittee chair facilitates committee meetings, and establishes contacts within the county regarding Veteran services. The subcommittee identifies issues pertinent to Veterans, plans events to engage Veteran voters in the county, and attend events outside of the county regarding Veteran Affairs when possible.

Speakers Subcommittee
Chair:  Sue Reese

This subcommittee is responsible for finding speakers for various party events and fundraisers.

End- Updated 5/17/2018