Party Officers

The officers of the Montgomery County Democratic Party include the Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms. The Officers, except for the Chair, are elected by the County Executive Committee for a two-year term to coincide with the term of the Chair. The County Chair is elected pursuant to Section 171.022 of the Texas Elections Code for a two-year term that starts on the 20th day after the primary runoff election.

County Chair:  Marc Meyer

Deputy-Chair:  Lore Breitmeyer Jones

Secretary:  Carol Ortiz

Treasurer:  Amy Hamrick Lewis

Sergeant-At-Arms:  Shannon McNamara

State Democratic Executive Committee Members

Our State Democratic Executive Committee — also know as the SDEC —  carries on the activities of the party in communities across Texas.

The SDEC is composed of leaders from Texas’ 31 senate districts and representatives of our people —  Asian Americans, African Americans, County Chairs, Democrats with Disabilities, Hispanic Caucus, Rural Texans, LGBT Texans, Women, Texas Environmental Democrats and young Democrats.

Senate District 3 Committeeman:  Bill Crowley

Senate District 3 Committeewoman:  Sharon Davis

Senate District 4 Committeeman:  Griffin Winkworth

Senate District 4 Committeewoman:  Mary Hamm