Senior Advisory Council

The Senior Advisory Council is a group of the County Executive Committee that is charged with making decisions on the operations of the Montgomery County Democratic Party in between the meetings of the County Executive Committee. All meetings of the Senior Advisory Council are open to the public, just as all meetings involving the Montgomery County Democratic Party are open to the public.

County Chair:  Marc Meyer

Deputy Chair:  Lore Breitmeyer Jones

Treasurer:  Amy Hamrick Lewis

Sergeant-At-Arms:  Shannon McNamara

Party Secretary:  Carol Ortiz

Commissioner Precinct 1 Representative:  Sue Reese

Commissioner Precinct 2 Representative:  Trevor Blondal

Commissioner Precinct 3 Representative:  Jeremy Hickman

Commissioner Precinct 4 Representative:  Betty McInturff

African American Community Representative:  Annie Burnett

Hispanic Community Representative:  Gordon Lopez

LGBTQ Community Representative:  Open

Young Democrat Representative:  Courtney Frost-Tadlock