Multi-Cultural Outreach Subcommittee

April 27, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Starbucks on Kuykendahl
10716 Kuykendahl Rd, The Woodlands, TX 77382
Vajih Khan

Previous Meeting’s Agenda:

1. Health clinic concept. 5min
– The idea here is to have the Muslim community doctors volunteer to have a monthly free clinic in the under-served areas of Montgomery county.
– We discussed locations that had been researched by Marty S.and others
June 4th location at Deerwood senior center is the potential first date of the healthcare clinic. Dotty O. to coordinate with Dr. Ali-Khan.
– Dr. Ali-Khan is going to head-up the clinic project working with MCDP support as needed.
2. Multi-cultural out reach. 5min
– As a committee we discussed previously to be more inclusive and reach out to more minority communities not already covered by MCDP Sub-committees. Reach more minority communities beyond muslim community.
– We also discussed other events going on in April that may be synergistic (Kim B.) ACLU, Planned Parenthood.
3. Strategy Discussion 40min
– A large portion of our mtg discussed strategy and how to leverage successful ideas from other counties.
– Do we have models available from other counties across the country that we can implement in Montgomery county? Are they applicable? Will they work?
– Courtney F. shared assets available from MCDP and also shared guidelines on what is possible and not permissable.
– What can we learn from other places so that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
– Leah O. is researching strategy ideas that can potentially be leveraged for Montgomery county. Things that have been worked in other counties with similar demographics to Montgomery county. Additionally,  she has identified resources that can potentially help survey the county. This survey will provide us key insights, that can be further leveraged in our longterm plan.

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