Judge OK’s Plan for November Election for Those Without Voter ID’s

Today federal District Judge Nelda Ramos signed off on a plan to allow voters that do not have the valid photo ID’s required by SB14 to vote in the November Elections. Highlights of the Order:

  • You may vote with a SB14 ID, if you have one;
  • You may vote with any of the identification that has been considered valid enough, such as the voter registration card, utility bills , paychecks, government checks or other government documents that show the voter’s name and address;
  • Election personnel cannot challenge the reasonableness of the “impediment” to havingΒ  a SB14 ID;
  • You will have to sign a “reasonable impediment” declaration if you don’t have a SB14 ID;
  • The declaration may only be rejected if there is conclusive evidence that the person completing the declaration is not the person for whom the ballot is being cast; and
  • The State must develop a plan and spend $2.5 million on voter education before the November election.

I have included a link to the order below!

13-cv-00193_Veasey v Abbott_20160810 Order


Marc Meyer, County Chair

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