Millennial Outreach Meeting- March

After the recent expansion of its outreach efforts, the Montgomery County Democratic Party was pleased to create a subcommittee whose primary goal is to bring more young democrats into the Party. This meeting had several young professionals from the surrounding area in attendance.

A particular area of interest for this committee was the Party’s use of its social media platforms. Suggestions included making the Facebook content less formal and more open in an effort to be more inviting. Members volunteered to assist in the development of content on the Party’s Instagram and Twitter account as well.

It was suggested that the Party needs to do more to keep people informed of all the events happening locally. As a result, we will be doing brief write-ups for all our events going forward.

Subcommittee Chair Shannon McNamara discussed the possibility of holding a social event in the near future to get more young professionals involved in the Party. Everyone was tasked with bringing a friend to the next committee meeting.