Register for the County Convention and Serve on a Convention Committee

Register for the County Convention

Serve on a Committee at the County Convention

On March 24th. Democrats from across Montgomery County will converge and discuss the growth and development of the Party going forward.

There will be a Rules Committee, Nominations Committee, Credentials Committee, and a Resolutions Committee created for the convention. If you wish to serve on one of these

There will also be a number of positions elected at the convention including the following:

Convention Chair of Senate District 3
Convention Chair of Senate District 4
Delegate Chair


We are looking for people who are interested in serving on one of the committees at the county convention. Below you can find a description of the committees and a corresponding google form to sign up for them.

Credentials Committee: It is the job of the Credentials Committee to be sure each convention attendee is a qualified participant and is assigned to the correct precinct. The Credentials Committee provides a report certifying both the delegates in attendance and the precincts in attendance. It is the first report delivered to the convention. The Credentials and Nominations Committee also reports the number of delegates interested in attending the State Convention (according to the sign in sheet from the Senate convention) and the number of delegate spaces available for additional participants to attend the State Convention.

Nominations Committee: The Nominations Committee works within the defined delegate selection rules set forth by the Texas Democratic Party to select which At-Large delegates will be attending the State Convention

Resolutions: This committee recommends to the body what resolutions the County or Senate District Convention should forward to the State Convention for consideration. Resolutions are brief statements that express the position of the Convention on an issue or subject of interest to the body. At the beginning of the Convention the Convention Chair shall announce where and with whom resolutions shall be filed and the filing period must remain open for at least one hour following that announcement. Any participant in the Convention can submit a resolution.

Rules and Procedures: All Party Conventions are governed by the Rules of the Texas Democratic Party and, unless otherwise required by the TDP Rules, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised is the parliamentary authority. The Rules and Procedures Committee can propose additional guidelines for the operation of the County or Senate District Convention. An example would be putting a time or speaker limit on debate on all resolutions or proposing that a small convention operate as a committee of the whole. Basically the R & P Committee can propose any operating guidelines that do not run contrary to the TDP Rules or Robert’s. The R & P Committee can also propose alterations in the TDP Rules to be considered by the Convention. These Rules change proposals can also come from the Resolutions Committee.

Looking forward to seeing you at the convention.

Limit of 1 committee signup per person

Serve on a Convention Committee



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