Something Big Is Happening!

Fellow Democrats….

The last time Alfred voted was when he voted for George Wallace.


On September 5th I stopped by the Montgomery County Democratic Party headquarters and while there….a woman called the headquarters office from Dallas. She asked if someone could go to her father’s mobile home in Willis, Texas and register him to vote. She mentioned that her father had not voted since George Wallace.

I volunteered to immediately go register him and I must say upon meeting Alfred….I felt this was a surreal moment. After Alfred had completed his voter registration mail in form, I asked if I could take a video of him while asking him, when was the last time he voted? Please click on the attached video to hear his response. I also asked his friend (who is already registered) to take a picture of us both as this is one for the memory book….someone from the opposite end of the voting spectrum from me….voting for George Wallace for President in 1968….and never voting again…coming full circle and now feeling the urgency to cast his democratic vote in this Nov. 6th midterm election.

Let me repeat…. SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING….if Alfred is wanting to vote Democratic NOW….after all of these years of NOT VOTING…..then possibly your REPUBLICAN FRIENDS…..also are motivated to vote Democratic on Nov. 6th. You don’t know until you open the conversation. So, go ahead, ask your neighbor “Did you see BETO on the Ellen DeGeneres show?

Let us all keep up the resistance to what’s going on in Washington.

Judy Walton Jones PCT 72 Chair
Montgomery County Democratic Party
Let’s Turn Montgomery County Blue!!🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

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