Three Weeks to Go!

Tuesday night was our County Executive Committee meeting and we had one of the best turnouts of precinct chairs to help prepare for the final three weeks of this election season. We have a plan to help get our Democratic voters motivated, get our volunteers block walking, hanging door hangers (10,000 of them, at least), and getting signs out to the precincts. Now we need our precinct chairs to take the lead in your precincts and schedule that time to walk your precincts before the election. Let myself, Griffin Winkworth or Courtney Frost know when you will be walking your precinct and we will publicize your plans and try to get you some help!

Wednesday night was the third and final presidential debate, a veritable rumble in the desert in Las Vegas. I didn’t get to watch the debate in real time with everyone at Headquarters because of a family commitment, but I did hear the first part and the end in real time. Obviously there are going to be certain memes that survive the debate. “You’re the puppet”, “Such a nasty woman”, and “I’ll keep you in suspense” will go down in the history books as part of the worst collapse of any political candidate in history.

Watching the debate in full later, what struck me was that the first 30 minutes seemed very even, almost in favor of Trump. Sure, I didn’t agree with what he was saying, but he was calm, cool and hitting the points that his base wants to see from their candidate. But it was about that time, just like the previous debates, where it went off the rails for Trump. And it was in response to what essentially was a taunt from Hillary – she taunted him about being a puppet for Putin and he just parroted the line back. And then it was over. The rest of the debate Trump was much more agitated, combative and nonsensical.

But then we come to the close of the debate where Trump was asked an explicit question about his acceptance of the outcome of this election, an issue that he has raised by going on about how the election is supposedly going to be “rigged” against him. And he refused to say that he would accept the results of the vote, stating that he would keep us in suspense and not concede if the result was clear. I can’t add to what has been written about how this is against our values, but since I know that our Republican friends read this column, I invite them to disavow this blatant disregard for the rules by which our democracy lives.

As the minority party in this county for the past thirty-plus years, we have had to be the people that have conceded elections – which we have done so as to move forward so our elected representatives can represent all of us. This break with past history, absent credible information to the contrary (such as the 2000 election in Florida), is dangerous to the long term credibility of our democracy.

That said, our job as Democrats is to elect Democrats that support our values and our policy initiatives. The time to do that job has come and I implore all Montgomery County Democrats to get out and work with us to turn out all of our fellow Democrats to help turn Texas blue!

Marc Meyer, Chair
Montgomery County Democratic Party

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